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Forwarding Loop and Directory Assistance
~Umberto Asaponelitoni 01/21/2004 03:29 PM
Domino Server 6.0.3 Windows 2000


I'm in the process of migrating users across to a new server and new domain and have configured directory assistance on the old and new domain servers.

for simplicity the old domain only has two servers one for all the users mail files and the other acts as the email router

Directory Assistance is functioning in both domains, I've migrated myself across to the new server and if I send an email to me on the new server it arrives (via the router server) without a problem. Address lookup in the client functions fine as well.

The problem occurs when I try to send to a user on the old server from the new server, I receive the following "Delivery Failure: Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded. Message probably in a forwarding loop"

I can get mail destined for external domains to function either via SMTP or using the old router server.

No amount of tweaking of the Router/SMTP settings in the servers configuration document makes any difference except enabling "Smart Host is used for all local internet domain recipients".

This allows mail to go out from the new server to the old router but it means any incoming mail to the new server is automatically sent to the routing server and ultimately ends up in a routing loop as well.

Even if I enable "Local internet domain smart host" on the new server and point this to the old routing server it just seems like the new server is ignoring this setting as the routing path for the email never gets beyond the new server.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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